Protecting Your Investment: Frigibar Releases Two New Products UV Surface Shield and Smart Fabric Protector

For over 40 years, Frigibar Industries, Inc. has provided the best in marine refrigeration systems, including freezers, refrigerators, icebox conversion kits, deck boxes, dock boxes, and more. In addition to our hand-crafted freezers, Frigibar is releasing new products for boat owners, including two new maintenance products created to improve the look and lifespan of your vessel’s fiberglass and fabric.

Introducing UV Surface Shield and Smart Fabric Protector.

UV Surface Shield


Scratches and nicks can make even the most beautiful crafts appear dull, rough or damaged, and can be expensive to repair. The UV Surface Shield acts as a liquid coat of armor for your vessel and any fiberglass surface, giving your boat or yacht a bright shine, keeping it cleaner longer, and protects against UV damage with Smart Surface Technology.

UV Surface Shield will save you time by making maintenance a breeze. No longer will water, dirt, fish blood or other potentially harmful liquids stick to and damage your vessel’s surface. You can expect to see and maintain a gorgeous luster and smooth clean surface that’s hydrophobic for 4-6 months after a surface is treated. We highly recommend trying UV Surface Shield to protect your investment and give your boat or yacht a shine to admire.

Price: $49.95 + $4.49 S&H

Purchase Information: Purchase on Amazon, or by calling or emailing Frigibar.

Smart Fabric Protector


The fabric on a boat isn’t always the first thing you notice on a yacht, unless it’s damaged or stained. Fabric in need of repair is an eyesore and can be costly and time-consuming to repair. Needless to say, it’s worth protecting.

Frigibar’s Smart Fabric Protector makes waterproofing ordinary fabrics and vinyl easy, and also makes them easy to clean. This protectant spray can be used to prevent soaking, swelling or rotting. It can be used to protect almost anything fabric-based on your vessel, including boat cushions, canopies, awnings, marine mattresses and more. It has anti-bacterial properties that kill 99.9% of bacteria, allowing treated surfaces to last five times longer than with other conventional water-repellent coatings.

Price: $29.95 + $4.49 S&H

Purchase Information: Purchase on Amazon, or by calling or emailing Frigibar.

The UV Surface Shield and Smart Fabric Protector are the two latest additions to the Frigibar product family, and we’re proud to continue to expand our catalog to meet the ever-changing needs of boat and yacht captains, crew and owners. If interested in getting the most out of your adventures by adding a quality marine refrigeration freezer system to your vessel, or any of our other products, contact us at 305-757-7697 or email us at, or view our full line of products online here.