Frigibar FAQ | Marine Refrigerator Conversion Kits FAQ

Marine Refrigerator Conversion Kits FAQ

Why should I buy the “LectricIceman” conversion kit? Who are you? And will it work?

Frigibar Industries, Inc., has been a manufacturer of marine refrigeration since 1971 (originally Frigibar Marine since 1958). All our products are manufactured to precision standards and quality assurance. We have supplied refrigeration on a regular basis to boat manufacturers such as Hatteras Yachts, SeaHunter Boats, SeaVee Boats, Kadey Krogen Yachts, Wellcraft, Phoenix Marine, S-2 & Post Marine, just to name a few.

Then how can you afford to sell them for such a reasonable price?

A while back, we took a long hard look at the marine market and decided there were thousands of boating families who wanted refrigerators but couldn’t justify the price tag. The “LectricIceman” offers boaters an option for a well designed, reliable system for $1,334 and $1,354 depending on model chosen. By selling direct to our customers and working in cooperation with marine vendors in the industry, we are able to offer the boating public a great product at a reasonable price.

What makes your “LectricIceman” marine refrigerator conversion kit unique?

No one else in the industry offers a refrigeration kit of the quality at this price. It’s American made to marine quality standards, and carries the industry’s best customer service and warranty service policy.

We suggest you compare all the popular marine refrigeration conversion kits on the market and then save by ordering the“LectricIceman”. Keep it up to 30 days and compare it to any other brand. If you’re not satisfied, return the unit for a full refund of your purchase price. All we ask is that you return it in the same condition you received it – unused and uninstalled.

How do I know if it’s right for my boat?

Most boat owners without refrigeration aboard are afraid that their electrical system or engine can’t handle the power drain. Fact is, you can install your conversion kit on almost any boat. The“LectricIceman” runs off your 12 or 24 volt battery bank, which can be kept charged during normal engine operation (even on sailboats) or with dockside power.

As a general rule, nearly all power and sailboats up to 50 feet have ice boxes of 10 cubic feet or less. The “LectricIceman” unit will work perfectly as a refrigerator. Freezer applications of up to 3 cubic feet in better insulated ice boxes is possible.

Most people utilize a dockside converter or a battery charger to keep the batteries fully charged and the refrigerator cold and ready for use. If your boat is on a mooring, turn the refrigerator on when you arrive, load your food in the ice box and you’re ready to go. The time that you use your engine to leave and return to your mooring, under most conditions, should be sufficient to return the energy used, back to your batteries.

This unit is air-cooled. What about water-cooling?

Our “LectricIceman” refrigeration conversion units are air-cooled for simplicity and designed to offer efficient performance in hot climates. Just locate in a well ventilated area. Air-cooling eliminates the need for complicated seawater pumps and related wiring.

Water-cooled units are advantageous when operating in very specialized environmental conditions. Even an increase of 20% in efficiency is offset by energy needed to run the cooling water pump; approximately 1 amp. Seacocks, thru-hull fittings, strainers, clamps and hoses add to the misery of water-cooled systems. And, you can guess what happens to your refrigerator when the water pump fails.

Does your unit make ice cubes?

Yes, our Model “EVH” can. However, we checked with lots of boating people and found that their need for ice cubes far outstrips the ability of any model or kit on the market to keep up with demand. How far can two trays go when you’re really thirsty? We advise that you go to your local convenience store, pick up a 10 lb. bag of ice for $1.80, put it in your 40 degree Fahrenheit refrigerator, and you’ll have all the ice you need for a week. Your unit will run less too. Using your battery to make ice cubes is costly and inefficient. Battery conservation is what it’s all about.

How much energy will my refrigerator use?

The “LectricIceman” refrigerators typically draw 5-6 amps when they’re first turned on. As the temperature in the box drops, the draw decreases to 4-5 amps. The refrigerator unit doesn’t run continuously. It cycles on and off via the cold control thermostat. The average draw is 1.3-2.5 amps, based on 20-30 minutes operation per hour…typical of a 6 to 10 cubic foot ice box with average insulation.

Will I need additional batteries?

It depends on the batteries you already have. We recommend a minimum of 105 amp-hour capacity for the “House” battery bank which will handle refrigeration, lights, electronics, etc., and a separate battery for the engine, sized according to the maker’s recommendation.

Who will install it for me?

You can install your “LectricIceman” unit yourself in just a few hours with simple tools. The system already contains all the refrigerant you’ll need and is ready to run.

There are three basic parts: the freezer unit, thermostat cold-control and the compressor unit. The freezer unit and thermostat control are fastened to the inside of your ice box with stainless steel screws and mounting hardware provided. Place the compressor unit anywhere within 10 feet of the ice box…a sail locker, lazarette, under the sink, etc. The compressor unit is 11″ wide, so many owners mount it on a locker shelf! Connect the refrigerator to the compressor with the quick-connect refrigerant tube. Wire the compressor to your electrical panel or battery bank and you’re set to go. We supply everything you will need to mount these components and to make the installation a simple job.

What about my ice box? Do I have to do anything to it?

The quality of your refrigeration, in terms of proper food storage temperatures and current consumption, depends entirely on the insulation in your ice box. Fortunately, most boats built within the last 15 years have between one and three inches of insulation, not great, but good enough. Curiously, many builders don’t insulate the top of their ice boxes or the lids. Should this be the case, insulation should be added by gluing polyurethane sheet foam, available locally, to the underside of these surfaces. It will make quite a bit of difference.

What if I run into trouble during the installation?

Any problem at all, just call us at 305-757-7697. One of our service technicians will be happy to discuss the problem, suggest ways to solve it, and walk you through the job. You can always contact your marine refrigeration technician for assistance as well.

I’d like to hear more about your warranty. What if I have trouble?

As you know, a refrigerator is a very reliable appliance. Most run for years with no attention at all. The LectricIceman’s system is no different, except it’s designed for marine service. This means that our unit is more efficient and far more ruggedly built than the refrigerator in your kitchen. That’s why we feel comfortable offering you a refrigerator kit by mail and backing it with a one year limited warranty on the compressor. There’s almost nothing that can go wrong. If you should have trouble, call us at 305-757-7697. Our specially-trained service technicians will diagnose the trouble over the telephone and tell you how to put it right. If you should need a part, we’ll ship one the same day.


Which marine refrigerator conversion kit do I need for my boat?

The LectricIceman Model “A/E” is perfect for nearly all sail and power boat conversions. It is designed to convert your box to all refrigerator. The compressor has a fan and can be mounted in confining locations. The Model “A/E” has an L-Shaped evaporator plate and will refrigerate a well insulated box up to 15 cubic feet and freeze up to 3 cubic feet (specify freezer thermostat when ordering for freezer).

The LectricIceman Model “EVH” has an enclosed freezer section evaporator plate that can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The compressor unit has a fan and can be mounted in confining locations. The Model “EVH” will refrigerate a well insulated box up to 12 cubic feet and freeze up to 3 cubic feet (specify freezer thermostat when ordering for freezer).

For additional information, please contact the factory.