Why Bench-Style Freezers are the Best Marine Refrigeration Systems for Your Boat or Yacht

When seeking a refrigerator or freezer for your boat or yacht, there is no shortage of types of refrigeration systems. From a portable plug-in to a custom-built walk-in freezer, depending on the size of your boat, there are dozens of varieties of refrigeration systems to choose from. But not all freezers are made the same, […]

The Ultimate Boat Show Attendee Checklist

What do you want to get out of the next boat show you attend? Each year, boat shows around the world bring millions of people together to celebrate their love of boating, fishing, life out on the water, and more. Each show offers unique opportunities for attendees, and show visitors are there for a wide variety of […]

When Power Goes Out: Refrigerator and Freezer Food Safety Tips for Boating Trips

Each year, roughly 1 in 6 Americans (48 million people) get sick from a foodborne illness. According to the CDC, one of the two leading causes of foodborne illness is “allowing food to remain at an unsafe temperature too long.” If not properly frozen or refrigerated, it doesn’t take much time out on the water […]

Why is a freezer an important appliance for your boat or yacht?

Who cares about a freezer? Well, we all should, but they are often not properly appreciated until a power outage or we don’t have enough freezer space for that long trip that we realize how important a freezer is. Freezers save us money and keep our food safe. When you’re out on the water, you […]

Why should a boat or yacht owner consider going with a Frigibar marine freezer system?

For over 40 years, Frigibar Industries, Inc. has provided the marine industry with the highest quality marine refrigeration systems. Based out of Miami, Florida, all freezer and refrigerator units are manufactured in America and are handcrafted. As a boat or yacht owner, you know that your vessel isn’t just a toy, it’s an investment. Each […]

How Dual Control for Refrigerators and Freezers Works

When you think of versatile products for your boat or yacht, rarely do you think of a freezer. Its primary purpose is simple — keep food frozen at a safe temperature, but it’s an important appliance and can serve additional purposes. Just as not all freezers are of the same quality, not all freezers are […]

Trip Necessities: 5 Things to Keep in Your Boat’s Freezer On a Long Trip

We’ve all been on vacations where something doesn’t go as planned. It’s almost part of the experience — the realization that exciting things, either for better or worse, are bound to happen. When out on the water for days or weeks at a time, there’s nothing fun about something going wrong. Whether for comfort or […]