I just wanted to thank Frigibar and Shuly in particular for your help with the condenser for my Donzi. You were more than helpful and the honesty and level of support that you and Shuly gave me is refreshing. Unfortunately, this type of honesty, character and integrity it is not seen in most companies and people these days. To top it all off, I was surprised to find a refund for part of the amount I paid for the condenser. I would never have known that Shuly quoted me a price for a more expensive condenser if she hadn’t sent me the refund. I was happy with the other price and the fact that Shuly delivered it to the Marina for me was worth far more than the refund. But, again, the character and integrity shown by issuing a refund for this is symbolic of the type of company that Frigibar is. Congratulations! I know that with a management style and philosophy like this, Frigibar will be a very successful company.

Thank you

 Steve Cope

I have a small hvac contracting business in Central Florida and recently did business with Frigibar Industries for the first time. The customer service, expertise, and quick response when questions arose, even on weekends, was at a higher level than I have experienced in my 30 plus years in the hvac business. The personal attention that was given to me and my business was really appreciated.  More than that, the individuals I spoke with Reyna, Albert, and especially the CEO Shuly Oletzky, were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. To top it off, I was surprised how quickly my order came.

Great company!

Thank you.

Marc Shapot, ShapotAir, LLC

Works great! We love our Frigibar product.

Photo courtesy of M/Y Bodacious, Capt. Frankie Lee

Photo courtesy of M/Y Bodacious, Capt. Frankie Lee

Capt. Frankie Lee

Photo courtesy of Mai-Mai II - Bernard Lacosta, France

Photo courtesy of Mai-Mai II – Bernard Lacosta, France

Mai-Mai II

Frigibar’s are a great invention. I LOVE your product – so convenient having a unit that can serve as either fridge or freezer – and with a cushion on top making it also usable as a seat on our flybridge!

Mollie M.

Shuly and Frigibar went above and beyond in providing me incredible customer service. I will not hesitate in calling Frigibar when the time comes to upgrade or replace my refrigeration unit on our boat as well as letting people know what kind of company they are. Top Notch!

Bob R.

I have a Frigibar Freezer and Refrigerator aboard a Marlow 65e I run. The service that Frigibar’s service team has provided me has been exemplary. They have offered references when I was out of their service area and have delivered parts to me at the boat in order to accommodate a short turn around.

I highly recommend Frigibar’s products. Frigibar’s team stands behind their product 100% and they help you keep the products running smoothly.

Photo courtesy of Capt. Andrea Gaines

Photo courtesy of Capt. Andrea Gaines

Capt Andrea G.

I recently tried to order a replacement to my 10 year-old LectricIceMan. I called Frigibar and was immediately put in touch with a technician that assisted me trouble-shoot my situation. It turned out that I did not need to replace or repair the unit at all! I am very pleased with the operation of unit and the excellent service that I received from the Frigibar company, even though I am not the original purchaser. Should I need to replace this unit in the future, I will certainly place my order with Frigibar.

Dave A.

I have had a Frigibar Refrigeration system on my Tartan-33 for the last 25 years. I am so glad I purchased it. The unit has not given me any problems, recently I wanted to add an automatic converter switch, switching from DC to AC depending what service was available. They did not have a standard switch for me but they called a few suppliers and found the one that I wanted. No questions, no problems and no complaining…I wish all the companies that I deal with were like the Frigibar people (Silvio and Shuly)

Thanks Guys I really appreciate your help and perfect service!

Leo C.

Hi Shuly,

Your Dad sold me this freezer/refrigerator in 1992. It’s still going strong in the original location and looks good.

Thanks for the SS clips. Much appreciated.

Photo courtesy of Irv L.

Photo courtesy of Irv L.

Irv L.

I had the good fortune of discovering Frigibar Industries three and a half years ago when I first purchased my Fairline 65. My boat, like many power boats was somewhat short on refrigeration and specifically freezer space. Our solution was to redesign our galley, add three under counter refrigerators as well as a fly bridge freezer. We discovered Frigibar after an extensive search for “just the right” freezer, one that would be efficient, save space and look great!

We keep our boat in Ft. Lauderdale, thus, we found Frigibar’s location in Miami to be very convent. I visited their production facility, had a personally guided tour by the owner of the company and was briefed on the various available Frigibar models. I purchased an SW-6 unit which is a very handsome freezer/refrigeration unit that really compliments our fly bridge and the boat as a whole. The unit is modern in appearance and is finished in gleaming white gel coat. The 110 volt Frigibar has proven to be indispensable, freezes foods rock solid in just a few hours and uses electricity sparingly. All thathaving been said, I felt that I would like to write this reference not only because Frigibar produces an excellent product, but, for what they did for me when I had a problem.

Of course, nothing lasts forever on a boat and my boat is no exception. A couple of months ago my Frigibar’s temperature started to rise unexpectedly and at a very inconvenient time, that being the night before departing for the Bahamas for a two week cruise. We called a local marine air conditioning company that added some refrigerant and off we went. When we returned to Lauderdale two weeks later the Frigibar was still freezing foods like a champ, however, I felt that I should call Frigibar to report the problem. I had the good fortune of speaking with Shuly, the daughter of the former owner who had passed away a year earlier and who now runs the company. Shuly volunteered to have my Frigibar picked up at my boat for warranty work due to the time constraints of my travel schedule. A week later I learned the problem was within the interior of the box. Frigibar stood by their warranty and replaced the defective portion of the freezer and returned it like new. This is the reason I volunteered to write this somewhat wordy compliment. After 31 years in my own business I have learned that it is not the good times that define a company or a person, but, rather the bad times. Thus, when I received such royal treatment by Shuly at Frigibar I felt that I had to let others know about my experience. I could not dream of a better company or a better product….Our entire world would be a far better place if more people and companies operated like Frigibar. If you are considering purchasing an independent marine freezer I highly recommend Frigibar. Should anyone have any questions about my experience, please feel free to call me at any time (number provided upon request).

Matt G.

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