Up until now, there weren’t a lot of options for marine refrigeration condensing units. Most units on the market are very limited in options for size, fittings, refrigerant, and even brands. For decades consumers have gotten by making the best of the options available.

Those days are over. Introducing POLAR CUBE™, the first adaptable packaged condensing unit available in the size, capacity, voltage, fitting configuration and refrigerant you need.

Refitting an older condensing unit? POLAR CUBE™ is a direct drop-in replacement. The fittings are compatible with most other manufacturer’s units and all connections are in the same orientation. This makes switching to POLAR CUBE™ very easy.


  • Packaged condensing units for built-in refrigerators/freezers
  • Air/water, water-cooled only or air-cooled only condensers available
  • High capacity condenser and fan
  • Self-contained white powder coated aluminum housings, which can be easily be mounted horizontally, vertically or stacked
  • 1/4 or 1/3 HP models in 115V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz; R134a refrigerant
  • Designed for easy serviceability and direct drop-in replacement of other popular packaged condensing unit models
  • Easily visible sight glass to monitor refrigerant levels
  • Built-in drain pan allows for easy drainage of condensate buildup
  • Removable filter drier
  • High-pressure switch, thermal overload, and voltage spike protection
  • Choice of resealable or brass base valve connections
  • Digital thermostats available
  • Optional pre-charged refrigerant lines, in copper or flexible hose, available in lengths up to 25′


POLAR CUBE™ solves all the issues found in other packaged condensing units on the market. Most notably, they are easy to service. This compact packaged condensing unit allows marine refrigeration service technicians to replace parts when needed without having to disassemble the entire unit. By removing the cover, all components can be easily checked and/or replaced.

POLAR CUBE™ is a compact packaged condensing unit designed for use in direct expansion refrigeration and freezer units, such as cockpit refrigerators/freezers or fish boxes. Other popular applications include mezzanine or galley refrigerator/freezers. Packaged units are typically placed remotely and are commonly located in the engine room, lazarette, etc.

POLAR CUBE™ enclosures are white powder coated aluminum and can be mounted on a bulkhead or horizontal surface. The removable
positioning brackets allow for ease of installation with clear access to mounting holes. The water-cooled unit has 3 mounting options: back,
bottom or left.

POLAR CUBE™ is available with 1/4 or 1/3 HP compressors in either 115V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz. All units are available with your
choice of resealable couplings or brass base valve connections.

POLAR CUBE™ units are available in three condenser configurations: air/water, water-cooled only or air-cooled only. The air/water configuration will ensure that the unit performs efficiently in hot engine rooms, while also allowing full air-cooled operation when cooling water is unavailable.

All units use R134a refrigerant.

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