“SW” Class Cockpit Freezer/Refrigerator

Hswclassclosed-cutout3-150x90aving frosty drinks or frozen items at hand makes a great day on the water even better. Frigibar’s SW Class Boat cockpit freezer/refrigerator transforms boat owners’ wishes into reality with convenient on-deck access to Frigibar’s exceptional marine refrigeration system powers. SW Class marine on-deck boat cockpit freezers are beautifully crafted and feature a pure freezing ability previously available […]

Frigibar Standard Class Cockpit Freezer / Refrigerator

frigibar-captain-front-closed-2-150x54Every boat’s cockpit is different, and a boater’s refrigeration needs can vary from outing to outing. Keep cold items ready for use at precisely the right temperature, even on-deck in the hottest of tropical heats. Frigibar’s boat refrigerators and freezers are constructed from the highest quality marine materials. They are designed to operate in an uncovered salt […]

D-Series Deluxe Waterproof Deck Boxes to Match Freezer/Refrigerator

800d-deluxe-waterproof-deck-box-closed-150x108From dunnage boxes to deck freezers and refrigerators, Frigibar offers its customers some very fine and beautifully crafted marine storage options. As we all know, no matter what you do on the water, there’s always stuff to stow away. Our D-Series deluxe marine deck boxes are designed to look like our Frigibar Cockpit freezers. They […]

U-Series “Salty Dog” Watertight Utility Deck & Dock Boxes

frigibar-500u-front-150x79Frigibar’s U-Series “Salty Dog” Watertight Utility Deck and Marine Dock Boxes are designed like a briefcase with flush fitting sides and domed top, these handsome boxes incorporate full length piano hinges for strength and an automatic lid support cord for convenience. The recessed hasp on the marine dock boxes allow a padlock to hang flush […]

F-Series “Salty Dog” Fiberglass Insulated Fishboxes

fishbox-forweb1-150x89Frigibar’s F-Series “Salty Dog” fiberglass insulated fish boxes come with a removable top and are crafted to the same high quality standards that ALL of our marine refrigeration products have. Virtually maintenance free, our fiberglass insulate fish boxes are made just like our freezers and are designed to withstand the same harsh, green water conditions. […]

E-Series “Salty Dog” Economy Marine Dock & Deck Boxes

600e-economy-deck-dock-box-front-closed-72-150x63The E-Series “Salty Dog” Economy Marine Dock and Deck Boxes are designed to provide the same quality as our more expensive boxes at an economic price. A unique design approach in these marine dock boxes is what reduces our manufacturing cost, so that the savings can be passed onto you. The hard china-like gel coat […]

I-Series “Salty Dog” Insulated Marine Ice Chest

salty-dog-i-series-insulated-icebox-cutout-150x50Frigibar’s I-Series “Salty Dog” Marine Ice Chests are designed to provide the superior insulating properties and quality as our more expensive boxes. A unique design approach reduces manufacturing cost while providing the same high-level design and style of the rest of our product line. The hard china-like gel coat exterior finish is complemented by the […]

LectricIceman Marine Icebox Conversion Kits

conversion-kits-150x72Think about frosty-cold drinks and full course meals. No more ice to find or mess to clean up.  IMAGINE! A refrigerator conversion kit for your boat for a fair price. The “LectricIceman” is the last word in state-of-the-art DC marine icebox conversion kits. Our marine icebox conversion kits are available in two high efficiency, whisper-quite […]