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Frigibar FAQ

Where can I purchase a Frigibar?

Frigibar freezer and refrigerator systems are available through Frigibar directly or one of our authorized retail partners and distributors, who can offer the same great price and quality you’ll get directly from us. Please call us today for more information: 305-757-7697. For more, read Tips for Buying a Frigibar Marine Refrigeration System or Freezer. We enjoy working with marine industry partners, supporting them and their businesses. If you have a “go-to” person or company that handles all your vessel’s needs, we will be happy to help them assist you with your purchase.

What sizes of freezers/refrigerators does Frigibar have available?

Frigibar manufactures 15 sizes in two categories. Chest style freezer/refrigerator models range from 30” to 50” long, 18” to 22-1/2” wide, 33” to 36-1/2” high. Bench style freezer/refrigerator models range from 40” to 80” long, 20” to 22” wide, and 21” to 24” high. There are nine horizontal top-opening freezers and 6 vertical top-opening freezers/refrigerators. While it’s rare to find a space that doesn’t accommodate a Frigibar, we also specialize in custom builds if one of our best-selling styles does not fit your unique space.

Can I use a household type freezer or small refrigerator on my vessel?

Yes, but household freezers are designed to operate indoors in comfortable temperatures. These units will rust in saltwater conditions and may fail due to the extreme conditions experienced out on the water. Household units also have a tendency to rust and leave stains on the deck of your boat. Frigibars are designed to operate outside, uncovered, in a tropical environment while maintaining a solid zero degrees Fahrenheit. Each freezer is built to last with fiberglass that will never rust. We use more insulation than household freezers and our refrigeration systems have at least 30% greater cooling capacity. All box hardware is either stainless steel, anodized aluminum, chromed brass or marinized. They are simply the best marine freezers that money can buy, and designed for adventures on the water, from short fishing trips to international voyages.

What types of marine refrigeration options do I have when looking for a freezer or refrigerator for my boat or yacht?

For over forty years, Frigibar LLC. has produced U.S. manufactured boat freezers and refrigerators that have become known around the world for their quality, style and rust-free fiberglass construction. There are countless options for keeping things cold on a boat, but quality marine refrigeration products for boats and yachts are specialized to withstand harsh conditions and optimize your enjoyment out on the water. Types of marine refrigeration options are categorized by style, and include bench-style, upright, portable, compact/mini, side-by-side, drawer, conversion kits, custom, and drop-in. To make it easier for you to quickly explore the different types of marine refrigeration options available to you, we’ve created a guide detailing these options (coming soon).

How do I know what size freezer will fit the space I have available on my boat?

You can never have too much cold storage space on your boat or yacht. When looking for a freezer to accommodate long trips or a fish box for exciting days where the fish never stop biting, you want the most capacity possible within the space you have available. Quick Tips:

  • Measure the available space for length, width and height.
  • Leave 2-3 inches of space behind freezer to allow the lid to properly open.
  • Leave 2-3 inches of space on sides of the unit where there is a vent.
  • Your space must be level. When measuring, account for lifting or lowering an end of the freezer.

Read our full guide here: Marine Refrigeration Fit: How to Determine What Size Freezer or Refrigerator is Right for Your Boat or Yacht

What power options are Frigibars available in?

We offer all Frigibar models in 115V/60Hz, and select models in 220V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz, 12VDC, 24VDC.

Frigibar units are listed as freezer/refrigerator. Can they be used as both boat freezers and refrigerators?

Frigibar units come in a few different configurations. Our Standard Cockpit units come standard as a freezer. When ordered, you can choose to have the unit built as just a refrigerator or select our dual control option. The dual control option will allow you to switch the unit between the freezer and refrigerator setting, making your unit the temperature you need when you need it. This option makes the entire unit either a freezer or refrigerator depending on the dial selected, however, the units can’t run as a freezer and refrigerator simultaneously.

How long will my food stay frozen or cold if I turn off my generator or it breaks?

Similar to your household freezer in a storm, a Frigibar will maintain frozen food for a period of time when unpowered depending on conditions. Frigibars are built with more insulation than a household freezer, leading to keeping your food or drinks cooler for longer even if power is not available. Determining factors of how long items will remain cold or frozen include: ○ The types of items that are cold or frozen. ○ How full the refrigerator or freezer is. ○ The strength of the seal, which depends on the gasket being in good working order. ○ Quantity and quality of insulation material. ○ How often the unit is being opened, allowing the cold air to escape. ○ The ambient temperature where the unit is located. ○ The state of the contents when power was lost to the unit (solid frozen steaks, freshly caught fish that are not yet fully frozen, etc.). Once the items in your freezer are completely frozen and the freezer remains unopened, items in a full freezer should keep for approximately 48 hours. Items in a half-full freezer should keep for approximately 24 hours. If you store ice in your freezer, this will also add to the longevity of maintaining the freezer’s temperature while unpowered. One other option is to include a holding plate inside your freezer. This is a metal or plastic plate filled with saline or chemical solution that will act as ice when the power is off from the unit. It is still necessary to size holding plate correctly to maintain the safe temperature you desire if you plan to turn your unit off for any reason. Remember, freezers and refrigerators are coolers with motors. If the motor goes out due to failure or power outage, you can always opt to fill the unit with wet or dry ice until you can get power restored. If you have the option of getting ice, it is most likely your best bet to save the contents. Food safety is extremely important. When in doubt, throw it out! For more information about food safety during power outages or emergency situations, please click here to visit the FDA’s website.

Can a Frigibar be customized? Are there any other options I may need?

Our marine refrigeration options are designed to be as versatile as they are enjoyable and stylish. In addition to the ‘Dual Control’ option for our standard Frigibar Cockpit freezers, units can be double as seating options. Mildew-resistant 3-inch thick Snap-On marine cushions are a perfect addition to your Frigibar. All models come with indicating neon lamps. Amber cycles on and off with the freezer to show you when it is running. The red neon lamp indicates that it is approaching defrost condition. Our defrost warning alarm works in concert with the red neon lamp to give an audible indication, particularly helpful in marinas when no one may be on the boat. Our three-piece chrome on brass installation fasteners or fiberglass cradle mounting system (SW Class only) are the perfect way to fasten your freezer to the deck. The quick release design is convenient if the freezer has to be moved. Other customization options are also available, including custom gel coat color to match any vessel, custom cushions to match existing decor, faux wood finish, condensing unit orientation to facility side by side or dual bow side applications. Want an option you don’t see, just contact us to discuss what you would like and we will accommodate your request if possible. Call us at 305-757-7697 or email us at

What warranty comes with a Frigibar?

Our units are built to last. In addition to being made for the environment in which they reside, the body of our units are fiberglass. Not only will they not rust, fiberglass allows the opportunity for an older or damaged unit to be refinished like new. We stand behind every unit we build and will be here for you and happy to help if you encounter an issue. You can rest assured knowing that your Frigibar comes with a 1-year warranty to cover manufacturer defects or failures of the box or motor.

Does Frigibar make other products besides freezers?

Yes. While we are best known for our fiberglass freezers and refrigerators, Frigibar has a full line of products including; waterproof and water-tight fiberglass deck, dock and fish boxes, fiberglass ice chest, icicle plates (saline holding plate), conversion kits, custom built and OEM products, and our newest addition of fiberglass and fabric protectant sprays.

If I have additional questions, who should I contact?

We want to hear from you and help you through any questions in your purchasing decision. Please call us at 305-757-7697 to speak with one of our staff members about your particular requirements or fill out our information request form and we will call you. For a hard copy of Frigibar’s product catalog, click here to request a brochure.

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