Frigibar is America’s leader in high quality yacht and boat refrigerators. Our boat refrigerators can be placed anywhere and maintain a constant temperature of zero degrees. Place it on the top deck of your boat, in the sun, or below-deck and your boat refrigerator will keep everything chilled and at the right temperature.

Increase your cool factor…


  • Overcome the problem of limited space in your yacht’s galley freezer/refrigerator

  • Store the unit right on the deck of your boat, in the sun, and maintain zero degrees

  • Flip between freezer and refrigerator function with the Dual Control option

  • Create additional, functional seating on deck

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Frigibar-Captain Front Closed 2

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I recently tried to order a replacement to my 10 year-old LectricIceMan. I called Frigibar and was immediately put in touch with a technician that assisted me trouble-shoot my [...]
- Dave A.
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